Breakfast Topic: What kind of transmog items would you like to see?

As a self-proclaimed transmog addict, there are three major things I'd like to see from Warlords of Draenor's transmog offerings -- first, more draenei-themed items. We have a lot of orc clan stuff available, but the only real transmog set for draenei is locked behind one particular garrison building and a rep grind. The draenei have great fashion sense, why not have more of that style of gear available? Second, I really love the standard gear the Frostwolves run around in -- the designs are pretty, evocative, and unique. If the Frostwolves are Horde allies, why can't we dress like them?

Lastly, though, is something I thought we were going to see with this expansion, but seems to have been pulled -- back banners. I love blademaster orcs, and the idea of being able to run around with one of those signature banners on my back all the time was really cool. But although we've got a follower who dutifully carts one around on her back, we don't really have any of our own. Wouldn't it be cool to have, especially given the theme of this expansion?

What do you guys think? Are there particular items you'd like to see made available for transmog? Are there certain NPCs that made you take a step back and ask yourself where you could get their clothes? Is there a particular armor set you'd love to see added to the War Mill for transmog purposes? Or is how your character dresses the furthest thing from your mind while you play?