Sling TV's success, selfie brushes and other stories you might've missed this week

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Sling TV's success, selfie brushes and other stories you might've missed this week

This week has been a doozy: We got an update on Google's Project Ara, learned about the possible future of television from our Best of CES winner, watched a Beachbot draw Disney characters on the shoreline, oh, and did we mention our hands-on with a selfie brush? (C'mon, you know you're at least a little intrigued.) Details on all these things and more could be yours -- simply read on past the break.

CES 2015: The secret to Sling TV's success

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Sling TV won our attention (and "Best Of" prize) at CES 2015 for its live-TV feel on an internet platform. The service functions like an app yet features several channels you could previously only watch with a cable subscription.

A detailed examination of the Selfie Brush (iPhone 6 edition)

This quirky gadget takes the intersection of technology and self-grooming to the next level. And by "next level" we mean to a place we thought no one would bother to go. But as our editor Dan Cooper puts it: "If you struggle with your hair and also own a smartphone, this seems like a slam dunk."

Chevy Bolt EV concept hints at the future of affordable electric cars

Chevrolet unveiled its electric Bolt EV concept car during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) with a price tag of about $30,000 after tax credits. If all goes according to plan, this vehicle will go 200 miles on all-electric driving as well as fetch and drop off the car via a smartphone app.

Disney's Beachbot is an artistic robot turtle that can draw in the sand

This adorable android draws in the sand by varying pressure on a rake attached to its body. The development team -- from ETH Zurich and the Zurich division of Disney Research -- uses algorithms that turn images into trajectories to tell "Beachbot" where to go.

Buckle up: The connected-car revolution is almost here

CES 2015 made one thing clear: The future of car tech is already here. Now it's just a matter of when connected features will hit the market. This year be on the lookout for Qualcomm's Snapdragon 602A chip, a few ideas from BlackBerry's QNX division and more.

Project Ara's next prototype will stand equal to a top-tier smartphone

Google unveiled the latest design of its modular smartphone at the second Ara Developer Conference. In this new iteration of Ara, the electro-permanent magnets that hold modules in place will be on the exoskeleton and users will be able to customize their device using dye sublimation instead of 3D printing.

How AT&T will deliver TV (and more) over crowded LTE

AT&T knows how much we all hate buffering. That's why the company is showing off a demo of LTE Broadcast, the latest version of its Long-Term Evolution network. AT&T's strategy of streaming content to devices on a one-to-one basis is still in the works, but it already has us excited about the future of buffer-free television over LTE.

Google Glass experiments are done, Nest CEO now in charge

In case Nest CEO and co-founder Tony Fadell didn't have enough on his plate, Google has now put him in charge of its Glass team. Under his guidance, Fortune reports Glass will become its own division while Glass Explorers will become a thing of the past.

This isn't the last we've heard of Samsung buying BlackBerry

Reuters got the rumor mill turning on Wednesday when the news outlet reported Samsung had offered to buy BlackBerry for $7.5 billion. Both BlackBerry and Samsung have both denied such a deal. However, the combination of these companies is not a totally far-fetched notion. Read our full story to learn why.

Facebook, people, and arguing: my social network experiment

What do you do with Facebook friends whose beliefs take on a staunchly different position from your own? Read our full feature on the importance of engaging and why you should think twice before clicking that "unfriend" option.

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Sling TV's success, selfie brushes and other stories you might've missed this week