Chevy Bolt EV concept hints at the future of affordable electric cars

Those rumors of GM developing its own affordable electric car? Yep, they're true. Chevrolet has unveiled the Bolt EV concept, its vision of a vehicle that can deliver 200 miles of all-electric driving for about $30,000 after tax credits. It's not as slick as a Tesla Model S, but it promises an airy, spacious design (check out that full-length glass roof) with some technological smarts. It touts multiple driving modes that adjust the steering, acceleration and suspension, and the interior's center stack is dominated by a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen. Also, you wouldn't have to spring for a BMW or Tesla to get a vehicle that can park itself -- the Bolt's smartphone app would automatically fetch and drop off the car when you're in a hurry.

It's not certain how much of what you see here would reach production, especially at the $30,000 mark. While the Bolt EV is designed with a price target in mind, concept cars are well-known for including giant wheels, lavish interiors and other equipment that's too expensive for the finished product. It won't be at all shocking if the completed Bolt (due in 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal) is considerably more drab. However, it already suggests that the expectations for a reasonably priced electric car are about to change. Instead of getting a straightforward compact car like the Nissan Leaf, your 30-something grand should get you a larger, more sophisticated ride like the Bolt or Tesla's Model 3.