WSJ: GM to release the $30,000 Chevy Bolt electric vehicle in 2017

Looks like General Motors is about to go head to head against Tesla with a new electric vehicle called Chevy Bolt (yes, Bolt with a B) -- at least according to The Wall Street Journal. The publication's sources say the Bolt can travel 200 miles on a single charge (the 2013/2014 Volt can only last 38 miles on a charge) and will be available in 2017 for $30,000. That makes it a direct competitor to Tesla's Model 3, which has very, very similar specs and pricing. The WSJ also reveals that the car will "be designed to look more like a so-called crossover vehicle" and use battery manufactured by LG Chem Ltd. in South Korea.

GM first dropped hints of the new EV in 2014, when it filed a trademark application for "Chevrolet Bolt" and "Bolt." While it still hasn't confirmed the EV's existence, we might know (and have a visual to go along with all the description above) for sure really soon, as sources say the automaker is slated to showcase a Bolt concept on Monday at the Detroit Auto Show. If and when it does come out, the Bolt will be available nationwide, according to The Detroit News, unlike the Chevy Spark EV that's only available in Oregon and California.