Breakfast Topic: Have you caught your own mounts?

I decided to retire my War Mill over the weekend, largely because I'd gotten just about everything I could want from the building, and I had little need for the free seal. I'll probably construct it again later just because I like the look of the building, but for now, there are bigger and better things to do. Like catching my own mounts via the stables. It wasn't really a priority when I began leveling -- the War Mill, with its promise of quest upgrades, free seals, follower upgrades and transmog gear seemed like a much more appealing option.

Now that that's all taken care of, it's time for the fun stuff. So yesterday I went out and caught myself a clefthoof and a talbuk, with the promise of more creatures to capture and tame as the days go on. I think I'm going to like the stables. It's more quests to do, and it's eight mounts that are essentially free as long as I put in the time to complete all the associated quests and earn the appropriate achievements along the way. Who could really pass that up?

And that's got me wondering -- have you guys completed the stables quests and caught your own mounts yet? Are you planning to do so? If you've completed the quests, did you keep the building afterward? Is the 20% boost to mount speed in Draenor enough of a reason to keep the level 3 stables around? Or did you replace the stables with another building once you were all done catching your mounts? If the stables added more mounts in the future, what would you like to see?