WoW Moviewatch: All About My Base

When Sharm came out with the garrison-themed musical parody All About My Base, I figured it would only be a matter of time before we saw a machinima created for it, and I was right. Music video master Khayllys has done it again, creating another musical machinima that perfectly accompanies Sharm's music. Khayllys' work is always solid -- the video uses the new model and scenery of Warlords to full effect here.

The only minor complaint I have is the choice of the camera-shaking effect in so many scenes. Used once or twice it's fine, but used in swift and repeated succession, it kind of gives me a headache. It's a minor complaint though, as I said, and the video itself is well worth the watch. If you like the machinima, be sure to hop over to Khayllys' Youtube channel for plenty more.

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