Das Tal boasts that it will 'do things better' than ArcheAge

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.20.15

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Das Tal boasts that it will 'do things better' than ArcheAge
das tal
Consider the gauntlet thrown down from one sandbox to another. Das Tal Head of Communications David Wells posted a new essay today in which he says that his title will best ArcheAge: "Unfortunately I, like a lot of others, have come to the conclusion that ArcheAge is probably one of the worst MMOs to come out recently -- but the reasons why are not straight forward. I am going to go over the good and bad, as well as shamelessly point out how our game will do things better."

Wells says that ArcheAge stumbled with a messy housing system, bad monetization, cultural differences, hacking, heavy grind, lackluster PvE, no solid PvP, shaky server tech, and a lack of good communication by Trion. He goes on to provide a counterpoint for each these items, explaining how Das Tal will succeed where ArcheAge has failed.

Or, if you're looking for a TL;DR version, "How we do it better: To put it simply, we give a s**t."
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