Make your own MMO with Atavism, now on Steam

Think you can do better than all the MMO devs currently making games for a living? Have at it with Atavism, a new make-your-own MMO development environment based on Unity and now available via Steam.

"Atavism allows game designers to focus on making their game and to not worry about programming," says Neojac CEO Jacques Rossouw in a new press release. "In fact many of our clients have been able to have a prototype within a matter of weeks. You don't need to have a million dollar budget any more to develop an MMO game. Our team, along with Unity, has already done most of the heavy lifting with pre-designed plugins for every system. All you need to do is setup what stats you want to use with them."

Neojac is building its own MMORPG called Neo's Land using the Atavism toolset.