'Elder Scrolls Online' finally arrives on consoles this June without subscriptions

After suddenly delaying the title last May, Bethesda is finally giving us a release date for its Elder Scrolls MMO. Mark your calendars: June 9th is the date The Elder Scrolls Online (now subtitled Tamriel Unlimited) comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and there are a few welcome changes to boot.

Along with the release date, Bethesda is announcing the end of its subscription strategy. The game will now be priced like every other console game: a one time purchase will grant you access to the entire game. Previously, Elder Scrolls was intended to be entirely subscription-based. There is still a "premium" subscription service called ESO Plus, however, which will grant users access to in-game items and some Crowns (in-game currency) to spend, but it's not required to play the game. The subscription will also grant access to all available DLC expansions.

PC and Mac gamers currently playing the original Elder Scrolls Online will receive all the additional content of Tamriel Unlimited as a free update on March 17th. Those with an active subscription will automatically be enrolled in the ESO Plus program. According to the game's director Matt Firor, the decision to can the subscription strategy was in response to fan feedback. It may also explain why the game will come out over a year after it was originally scheduled for release. "Our fans are our biggest inspiration, and we've listened to their feedback on the entertainment experience they want," says Firor."We have made numerous changes to the game over the past year, and are confident this is a game that Elder Scrolls fans will love to play."

If you're unsure what Elder Scrolls Online is and why you should care, Bethesda has released a new seven-and-a-half minute cinematic trailer that shows no gameplay and won't be of any help at all. Enjoy!