Korg's new ARP Odyssey reboots the iconic analog synth

Korg may have missed its September target, but the company's take on the legendary ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer was officially introduced today at NAMM. If you'll recall, Korg enlisted the lead designer of the original unit from 1972 to pitch in, and the result is a synth that's 86 percent of the size of that classic instrument. While its stature may be smaller, the new ARP Odyssey still carries the same overall look, with a front panel of sliders for tweaking a range of sounds. In fact, Korg claims the new parts used here operate more smoothly than the original. There's a 37-note keyboard and MIDI output alongside a new Drive switch to help wrangle the sonic possibilities. The ARP Odyssey debuted in the '70s, becoming a popular choice for acts like Genesis, Devo and Deep Purple despite the line going out of production in 1981.

If you'll recall, the company has been keen on reissues as of late, with its Volca, MS-20 mini and MS-20 kit making appearances in recent years, and all paying tribute to classic gear. Just like the newer MS-20, Korg was careful to recreate the original circuitry, bringing its sounds to a new model. "Every aspect has been carefully considered to stay true to the quality of the original, down to the sophisticated semi-hard case," says Korg brand manager James Sajeva. Unfortunately, there's still no word on pricing or availability, but after today's official reveal, that info should be on the way soon.