This photo app charges $20 for 24 photos, seriously

white album

Nobody just takes one photo of something anymore. With iPhones in our pockets it's easy to capture every angle, take burst photos so you can pick and choose, and then toss an obnoxious filter on it so it looks like something that was taken in the 1930s. Despite all that -- or perhaps because of it -- one app is trying to take us all back to our roots, where pushing that capture button was an irreversible and you simply had to live with the results. It's called WhiteAlbum, and it's probably the most expensive photography app ever.

The idea here is that you're paying for every photograph, and you're paying quite a bit. A digital "pack" of 24 photos costs a whopping $20. That might sound totally unreasonable, but you're not just getting the digital versions here; every time you complete an album you'll get premium paper versions of your work sent directly to your door, and the shipping is already taken care of.

It's a pretty cool idea, especially if you're a fan of physical photos as opposed to a massive digital camera roll. The app has only been out for a couple of weeks but the reviews are already overwhelmingly positive, which should give hope to any photo buff who longs for the more permanent days of yore.

[via Wired]