You can now take every Khan Academy course via the iPad

khan academy app

Your iPad just became an even more powerful learning tool than it already was, and you can thank Khan Academy for that. The non-profit education hub just brought its entire catalog of over 150,000 courses to Apple's tablet, meaning you can spend the rest of your life learning things you never realized you needed to know.

Khan Academy has had an iOS app for a while, but the experience it offered was somewhat watered down compared to its desktop counterpart. By expanding the app to include the full compliment of lessons, it's definitely going to appeal to a lot more would-be students. A new handwriting recognition feature has also been added which will let you scribble down notes and have them checked for accuracy by the app. Just don't expect your iPhone version of the app to be this awesome, as the current update is iPad-exclusive for the time being.

[via The Verge]