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APB: Reloaded coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2015

APB: Reloaded coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2015
Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti|January 22, 2015 5:00 PM
Last fall we heard that APB: Reloaded was reportedly working on bringing the crime spree MMO to consoles but was struggling with the companies to make that happen. Fortunately, it seems as though all of the details have been paved out, as APB is gearing up for its console debut in the latter part of the second quarter of this year.

APB: Reloaded will be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a free-to-play title, although it will require Xbox owners to be part of the Xbox Live Gold service. The console adaptation is being handled by a joint effort between Reloaded Games, Deep Silver, and The Workshop.

The Workshop CEO Peter Akemann says that the title will shine on the new hardware: "Because APB is such a technically complex game, featuring thousands of destructible objects and heavily customized players and vehicles in every scene, we are thrilled to help make APB a reality on these brand new high performance hardware platforms."

To date, APB has had five million PC downloads since 2011.

[Source: Reloaded Games press release]
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APB: Reloaded coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2015