iPad thieves accidentally send their faces and names to victim's iCloud

ipad thieves

Apple's iCloud had a rough time in 2014, after being implicated in the leaks of a whole bunch of dirty celeb selfies, but it's starting off 2015 on the right foot by helping to nab some iPad thieves in Texas. After stealing an iPad and a number of other pricey items from someone's truck, the dimwitted suspects got a little bit sloppy, and now they're being hunted down with the help of a video recorded on the very iPad they stole.

After selling some of the stolen items for a good bit of cash, the thieves hit up a local Burger King and shot a brief video of themselves with their hard earned cash. With the iPad's HD camera their faces are easily identifiable and the pair even went so far as to reveal each other's names while bragging about the cash that they made. What they didn't count on was that the video would be auto-uploaded to the iCloud, where the iPad's true owner would see it and immediately hand it over to the police. The two have been identified and it's just a matter of time before justice is paid.