Kim Dotcom launches MegaChat encrypted video calling service

It's been in the pipeline for more than a year now, but finally Kim Dotcom's Mega is ready to share its encrypted chat service with the world. 'MEGAchat' is pretty light on features -- it's basically just audio and video calls right now -- but the famous Megaupload founder says text chat and video conferencing are on the way. Here's how it works: After creating a Mega account, you simply log in via the web and hit the Conversations icon on the left-hand side. Contacts will need their own Mega account and after making a few calls you'll see a basic chat history on the right-hand side. To disregard it as primitive would be missing the point, however; MEGAchat is currently free to use and promises better protection than alternatives such as Skype and Google Hangouts. Who do you trust more to keep your communications secure? If the answer is Dotcom's Mega, you've now got a credible replacement.