Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful 'wearable'

You might not understand how truly useful and indispensable a Leatherman, or any multitool for that matter, is unless you've carried one for a while. Obviously, Leatherman President Ben Rivera is quite fond of his, but it caused a bit of a problem when he tried to pass through the gates at Disneyland while on vacation with his family. For perfectly obvious reasons, security there doesn't let people carry knives into the park. So after dropping his tool back at his hotel room, Rivera started thinking about how to carry the less offensive parts of his pocket toolkit in a more convenient way. Thus was born the Leatherman Tread bracelet.

The concept started with Rivera wearing a bike chain bracelet just to get an idea of how comfortable something slightly chunky and made of metal would be during daily wear. From there, engineers at the company were able to pretty quickly turn the concept into a product. Each link on the Tread is a fully functioning tool that can be removed, used and replaced -- hopefully with minimal fuss. The company even designed it to be fully customizable, so you can include different screwdrivers instead of the box wrenches, or skip the carbide glass breaker in favor of a cutting hook. Or you can connect them all if you happen to have particularly beefy wrists. (Arguably the most important tool -- the bottle opener -- is not optional and part of the bracelet's clasp.)

The basic bracelet is expected to hit shelves in the summer. But if you can wait 'til then, you can pick up one paired with a Swiss-made watch. The Leatherman Tread Watch may not give you turn-by-turn directions or listen to voice commands, but I guarantee you'll get more use out of its bottle opener than you will "Digital Touch."