Surface RT will only get some of Windows 10's upgrades

Well, that was quick: Despite Microsoft saying that Windows 10 was coming to its misfit tablet, the Surface RT, that isn't quite the case. As Thurrott reports, Redmond is working on an update for Surface which will have "some of the functionality" of Windows 10. The SuperSite for Windows founder goes on to say:

"Since those [Windows RT and Surface RT/2] are the only Windows RT devices that ever sold in any measurable quantity, two conclusions are obvious. Other Windows RT devices may not be updated at all (i.e. this Windows 10 subset update may literally only be for Surface RT/2 devices). And more generally, Windows RT is dead."

And it very well may be. The RT platform's always been a bit of an odd duck with its inability to run standard Windows apps, and it looks this this could be Microsoft's kiss of death. You can read the official word from a Microsoft spokesperson after the break.


Surface Pro 3 (and the entire Surface Pro lineup) will update to Windows 10. We are working on an update for Surface [Windows RT], which will have some of the functionality of Windows 10. More information to come.