Survey shows 42% of iPhone users run out of storage space once a month or more

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John-Michael Bond
January 23, 2015 10:00 PM
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Survey shows 42% of iPhone users run out of storage space once a month or more

Not to harp this on this issue, but 16GB isn't really a lot of storage. God forbid you try to get by with less than that, say 8GB. But how much does living with 16GB actually impact your life? A new study from the cloud photography app IceCream and Ondevice Research says it impacts regular usage for 42 percent of users at least once a month.

The study interviewed 1,000 iPhone users in the USA and UK, but didn't specifically specific storage requirements. In the study, IceCream found that 76 percent of respondents had a 16GB or lower storage device. Here's how their numbers break down.

This ties back into the slow initial adoption rate for iOS 8, when users were constantly running out of storage they certainly won't have the extra space required for a 5GB installation. Ice Cream's interest in this issue is simple; their app aims to solve this problem by keeping your full resolution images in the cloud while leaving smaller preview image files on your phone. Head over to their site to read their full report entitled "Dear Apple, why is my iPhone always full?"

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