The Queue: I still miss Karazhan

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is answering all kinds of questions today!

I'm glad so many people liked the fill in job I did with Wednesday's Queue. Fun fact: I've actually given way more thought to the whole tie-in idea than absolutely necessary over the past couple of months. For those that thought the answer was interesting, it's what happens next in Karazhan that is really interesting.

Or would be. If it were, you know, real and not made up in my head.

I miss Karazhan.

adidast05 asked:

Did I read that follower upgrades will no longer drop from salvage ?

Follower armor set pieces will no longer drop from salvage crates -- the items that equip your follower with an ilvl 615/630 weapon or armor. Weapon Enhancements (the items that simply upgrade your weapon or armor ilvl by a certain number), are still dropping from Big Crates of Salvage as it stands on the PTR.

dawnpriest asked:

Do you think there is any reason why we are not allowed to transmog something to look like a white rarity item? I ask because the Soul-Traders Head Wrap matches my priests mog perfectly and I can't find any other white headbands. I think if items like that were made now they would be catagorized as "Cosmetic" gear so why not go back and make them usable for transmog?

I honestly don't know why it isn't allowed. Those white-rarity items were originally the first "upgrades" you saw when you were leveling in vanilla, back when green items were pretty hard to come by. There's no reason why they couldn't be used for transmog purposes, and it would breathe some life and use into those old models. There are more than a couple of those old set pieces I'd love to put together for outfits!

Chrth asked:

Q4TQ: You are allowed to bring back one and only one NPC from Draenor (either native or came with you) to be your follower in the next expansion. Whom do you choose?

I kind of want to see Reshad and Percy come back with us, just because I want to see what kind of trouble Percy gets into and how exactly Reshad will scold him about it. Either that or Lantresor, because he's cool.

jpec07 asked:

Q4tQ: is there any point in leveling professions to max anymore? Outside of a slight bonus to output from daily CDs, I can't see any compelling reason to grind out my professions.

It's not really something you need to focus on these days so much as it's something that just happens naturally as you learn your recipes and make the items you want to make. I didn't really have to actively level any of my professions -- over the course of creating cooldown items to purchase recipes, making items I could use, and making items to upgrade those items, I ended up maxing out my professions fairly naturally without trying.

RedQueenE9 asked:

With the next patch, are they expanding the number of active followers we can have at once? I've never recruited at the inn, and I've already got 27 followers. Getting Garona and Harrison Jones would mean yet another one of my beloved maxed-out followers will have to be benched. I grow weary of choosing amongst my favorite minions!

At the moment, there are no apparent plans to increase the number of active followers you can have out and about at one time. 25 is more than enough to run missions -- I've been working on getting everyone leveled to max and fitted out with the best possible gear, I haven't really been choosing favorites! I think it'd be cool if the followers who weren't on active duty still hung out at your garrison, however.

Galdwynn asked:

What's the status of the Iron Horde? We seem to have pretty much taken care of them while questing in Draenor. Are they hiding out somewhere waiting for us to raid them, or is it all ogres and Burning Legion from here on out?

We've struck a pretty good blow against their ogre allies over in Highmaul. Next stop is the Blackrock Foundry, where we'll be taking out the source of their resources and weapons. But the largest concentration of Iron Horde forces is still holed up in Tanaan, presumably plotting some kind of dastardly plan that we'll have to deal with in an upcoming patch. The Iron Horde we see out and about in other areas aren't part of that main militia, they're working on the side and pulling together power in their own ways. Highmaul and Nagrand took care of the Warsong, Frostfire took care of the Thunderlords, Shadowmoon took care of the ... well, the Shadowmoon, and Spires of Arak cut a swatch into the Shattered Hand. But those were outliers, not the main forces.

MartinLongpre asked:

Q4TQ: If two worgens have a baby together, does the child bear the worgen curse? If so, can we please see baby worgens, they'd be so adorable!

This was actually addressed in one of the Ask a CDevs -- the worgen curse is a curse, it's not a disease or something that can be transferred by blood. Even if both parents are worgen, the kid would be free of the curse.

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