Daily Roundup: the first VR live broadcast, 'Rock Band' makes a resurgence and more!

How would you like to travel the world without worrying about the tedious tasks of packing a bag or buying a plane ticket? When Next VR's live broadcast goes mainstream, doing so could be easier than you thought. We're also taking a look at the tech taking over Sundance film festival, and testing out Sling TV's beta service. Read on for details in today's roundup!

The first live VR broadcast brought the beach to my backyard

Richard Lawler escapes the frigid conditions of Michigan on a virtual vacation using just a Samsung Gear VR headset and tech from Next VR. Read more about his experience with the first ever live VR broadcast, and what it means for the future of entertainment.

With Story Studio, Oculus VR embarks on its Hollywood takeover

Oculus VR is taking the plunge into cinematic territory with Story Studio -- a VR workshop uniting guest directors with the tools they need to completely change the way we watch movies. We learn more about the company's plans for Sundance Film Festival and a new, seamless viewing experience here.

How a former Rockstar developer is leading a revolution in gaming

A former Cinematic Director on several Grand Theft Auto titles combines his knowledge of gaming with his love of documentary filmmaking for the game 1979 Revolution. The result is an empathetic look at one of the most pivotal events in Iran's history.

The triumphant return of 'Rock Band'?

It appears 'Rock Band' is making a resurgence in the music game market as Harmonix Music Systems announces new tracks in its online store. Does this mean 'Rock Band 4' is on its way? Ben Gilbert explains.

Sling TV preview: Does this $20-a-month cord-cutter service work as promised?

We spent the weekend watching TV testing Sling TV's cord-cutting service to see if it's worth $20 a month. Our take? As the service currently stands, it comes down to the channels you watch and your tolerance for video compression.

Drone landing drags White House security into the modern era

The Secret Service got a wake-up call today when a quadrocopter landed on the White House lawn. The New York Times reports a government worker lost control of the vehicle while flying it for fun, and the Secret Service is apparently taking his word for it.

Uber to limit surge pricing during massive east-coast blizzard

Uber is making good on its promise not to exploit crises with absurdly high fare hikes. In the face of a potential blizzard on the east coast, the company has agreed to cap its surge pricing at 2.8x the normal rate during the storm.