Fiksu report shows staggering App Store growth

iphone 6

December is always a big month for Apple and, by extension, the developers on the App Store, but December 2014 was a special kind of crazy. According to a new report by analytics and marketing firm Fiksu, downloads on Apple's digital marketplace skyrocketed 44% over the year prior, marking the third consecutive month of record-breaking sales.


These numbers are the side effects of record-breaking iPhone sales and an overall increase in demand for apps. Fiksu also notes that across the top 200 free apps on the App Store the daily download volume averaged out to 9.2 million for the last month of 2014. The company's cost-per-app-launch index is showing iOS remains the more expensive platform on which to launch an app -- due to competition and the investment in marketing -- but as the sales figures show, making it to a top spot is insanely lucrative.