The iPhone case that might get you killed

iphone gun case

You've already seen an iPhone case that could get you arrested -- and if not, feel free to check it out -- but there's an even more potentially hazardous smartphone cover out there. This "Gun Grip Case" is about as extreme as it gets if you're looking to cause a stir by chatting on your iPhone in public, and aside from the novelty value there's really no other reason anyone would want to carry this thing around.

When in full view there's really nothing about this case that is intimidating, but the danger comes in sliding it into your pocket, where the hand grip and trigger would likely remain exposed. Oh, and when you're gripping the case to chat on your phone it also looks like you're trying to hide a handgun on the side of your head, which is probably not the best idea either. Whatever you do, don't attempt to take your phone out of your pocket if law enforcement calls you out, or things might end very badly for you.