120 Sports streams its live news and analysis on Apple TV

With the backing of Sports Illustrated, MLB, NHL, the PGA tour and more, 120 Sports started streaming free live sports news and analysis on the web and mobile devices last June. Now, the digital network is making the leap to set-top boxes, starting with Apple TV. The channel delivers 8 hours of live coverage every day, with the "120 Morning Run" from 8-10 AM ET during the week. Football fans can take a long lunch for "120 Football Fix" from 12-2 PM ET, and if you miss a live broadcast, there's a library of videos for on-demand viewing, too.

Owners of Cupertino's streaming gadget can expect a Catch-Up stream of curated videos based on the current hot topics, and a Timeline mode that puts what's live up top, followed by previously-aired material. Hopefully other devices will be privy to the internet channel soon, but for now, only Apple TV is getting the goods. If you've cut the cord, or just really don't like Mike & Mike, 120 Sports offers a solid alternative for a quality sporting news fix. And best of all: it's free.