Smart, touch-free thermometer gets temperatures for almost anything

JoyWing's Wishbone

There's no shortage of smart thermometers out there, but they tend to have one or more catches: many only work in certain conditions, aren't very pocketable or require some kind of contact. JoyWing's upcoming Wishbone may just tackle all of those problems in one fell swoop. The tiny, Y-shaped gadget plugs into your smartphone's audio jack and uses an infrared sensor to gauge temperatures without contact, regardless of whether you're pointing it at your baby's forehead, a hot drink or the great outdoors. It should be both accurate and fast (just two seconds to get a reading, the company claims), and the matching Android and iOS apps will let you track conditions over time.

It won't cost much to get a Wishbone if you're interested, although it's unsurprisingly more expensive than basic, single-purpose thermometers. JoyWing is crowdfunding the project, and it'll take a pledge of between $26 to $35 to set a device aside for yourself. You shouldn't have to wait long if you do plunk down some cash. The company plans to produce and deliver the first Wishbones in April, so you could be using it just in time to detect bouts of spring fever.