Thermodo unveils a mercury-free way to measure air temperature on your smartphone

DNP Thermodo brings a mercuryfree way to measure air temperature on your smartphone

If you're the type to eschew the weather report on your smartphone and just, you know, open the window instead, the Thermodo sensor and app that just launched on Kickstarter may be for you. The petite device inserts into (and draws power from) the audio jack of your iOS or Android handset / tab, measures the exterior or interior air temperature, then sends a corresponding audio signal to the mic input on your device. The companion app, along with developer Robocat's Haze and Thermo apps, interprets that signal and displays the temperature on your device -- or you can develop your own with the outfit's open source SDK. The project is now live on Kickstarter where a minimum $19 bid will get you one in black, with the company looking for $35k total for the tooling and materials needed to build them. You can scoot over to the video after the break for more, or check the source to grab one.