The company behind Moto's smart tattoo made an NFC baby thermometer

We wouldn't blame you if the name VivaLnk didn't instantly come to mind, but you'd probably say "Ohhh, them!" if we tell you that it made Motorola's phone-unlocking temporary tattoo. Now, however, the company is deciding to get in on the temperature-monitoring game with this cute NFC sticker. The eSkin Thermometer pairs an NFC chip with a temperature sensor that'll tell you how warm your munchkin is in under three seconds. Oh, and it's shaped like a bear, so that's something.

Wearable health-monitoring gear like this has been a fever dream of medical science for years, and given that we've also seen TempTraq and AmpStrip at the show, it looks like it's getting close to reality. According to the company's representatives at the show, each sticker will last for around 15 days and is washable, so if your kid has a fever, they can keep it on for as long as they're ill. There's not much hardware tucked inside, so the plan is to sell packs of three for between $15 and $20 when they launch at some point in the spring.