Misfit's Flash activity tracker will soon control connected devices

We first heard of Misfit's plans to move beyond activity-tracking with its wearables at CES, and today the company took its first step. With the $50 Flash, you'll soon be able to control a range of connected devices with the unit's Smart Button. As you might expect, Misfit's light bulb, Bolt, is top on the list of supported items. But in March you'll be able to play or pause a Spotify playlist, or even set the perfect bed-time temp with Nest. In addition, the company is working on making Flash play nice with over one hundred behaviors through the automation service IFTTT, Logitech Harmony smart home tech, Yo messaging, the August Smart Lock and others. There isn't an exact arrival date for any of those just yet, but you can catch a glimpse of what the wearable will do on the other side of the break.