Sonos update makes it easier to play music in any room

Sonos' big controller app update from last year was a case of two steps forward and one step back. It was slicker and made it easier to find music, but playing music got harder -- among other issues, it required extra effort to send tunes to speakers around your home. Kinda defeats the point of multi-room audio, don't you think? At last, though, it looks like Sonos is ready to tackle some of those biggest hiccups. An upcoming version 5.3 update (not shown here) will put an always available room menu at the top of every screen, so it should take less time to deliver a radio stream to the living room or a podcast to your kitchen.

There's more: the Now Playing screen once again shows the track progress so that you can skip through long clips, and it's faster to both get back to browsing music and crossfade tracks to avoid jarring breaks. The main problem? You'll probably have to wait. Sonos is only making 5.3 available as an Android beta right now, and the finished version will arrive sometime in the "coming months."