Mythbusters meet their Doom on January 31

After more than a decade of debunking myths in reality, the Mythbusters are taking aim at the virtual world, specifically id Software's seminal first-person shooter Doom.

The January 31 episode of the hit Discovery Channel series will feature Jamie and Adam examining the game alongside id Software creative director Tim Willits. While it's not feasible to properly test the game's premise by dropping the hosts into a Martian portal to hell, the show still plans to determine whether or not a person could simultaneously tote all the weapons, ammo, armor and gas-powered lawn care implements seen in the game. Additionally, with Willits' assistance and the significant special effects experience of the Mythbusters team, the show will feature a real-world replica of a level from the hit shooter.

You can find more details on Mythbusters at the series' website, and you can find this upcoming Doom-themed episode by tuning into the Discovery Channel on January 31 at 9PM (8PM for those in the Central Time Zone).

[Image: Bethesda]