The Big Picture: 3D Paris apartment shows what Unreal Engine 4 can do

See that room above? It looks real, but it's not -- and by that we mean it's just a 3D environment made in Unreal Engine 4. Sure, we already have a pretty good idea what the new engine can do, such as bringing realistic skin (among other things) to games. But this "Unreal Paris" project by CG designer Dereau Benoît proves that it can be used to create objects and environments that look more like photographs of the real thing rather than CG. Benoît has created a snazzy Parisian apartment with receiving rooms, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, hallways and even a full bathroom.

Benoît didn't skimp on the details: the walls and ceilings are rich with patterns, there's sunlight flooding in through the open windows, and you'll see shadows, textures and even reflections mimicking their real-life counterparts. He took down the demo he uploaded on his website (presumably to iron out the kinks), but you can watch a video of the tour below to see what kind graphics to expect in future games.