Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes for January 27

Another round of hotfixes for patch 6.0.3 were released yesterday and posted to the official blog -- including several bug fixes that have been plaguing players for a while now. Plenty of talents and abilities should now be working correctly for several classes, several quests have been adjusted and resolved, and on top of all of that, if you've been missing a certain promised follower, they should be happily ensconced in your garrison now. Good news all around!

  • Players that have completed the quest Primal Fury before the January 21 hotfix should now have either Thisalee Crow (Alliance) or Choluna (Horde) as a follower.

  • All quests should now be awarding XP even if the character is dead at the time that the quest is completed.

  • Swapblaster no longer works while characters are engaged in battlegrounds.

Read on for the full list of hotfixes.

January 27

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts Classes Quests Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios PvP Items

  • Tier 3 Garrisons: Dungeoneer's Training Dummy for healing and damage have swapped places so melee classes are less likely to trigger the tanking dummy by accident.

  • Garrison Campaign Quests

    • Assault on Skettis: Creatures and NPCs associated with Assault on Skettis now respawn more frequently and increased the amount of morale awarded for defeating them.

    • Gladiator's Sanctum Level 3: Players can no longer be votekicked from the Coliseum scenario.

    • Primal Fury: Players that have completed the quest before the hotfix from January 21 should now correctly receive Thisalee Crow (Alliance) or Choluna (Horde) as a Follower.

  • Druid

    • General

      • Ferocious Bite no longer loses damage when cast with a low amount of Energy while Berserk is active. Berserk will still discount Cat Form abilities' Energy cost, but will include the bonus damage as if it weren't cast with Berserk active.

    • Feral

      • Leader of the Pack should now correctly trigger its heal for Druids that have learned the talent, Claws of Shirvallah.

    • Talents

      • Incarnation: Tree of Life's bonuses should no longer be incorrectly retained without having the talent learned.

      • Nature's Vigil should no longer be dealing excessive damage to high level targets by healing low level NPCs.

  • Rogue

    • Glyphs

      • Glyph of Recovery should no longer make Recuperate heal for less than the intended amount.

  • All quests should now still award experience even if the character is dead at the time of completion.

  • Frostfire Ridge

    • The Shadow Gate: Players who became stuck after completing "The Shadow Gate" will need to re-enter the cave within the Bloodmaul Stronghold in Frostfire Ridge if they were unable to see Orlana Strongbrow to continue their quest series.

  • Gorgrond

    • Ambushing the Enemy: Resolved an issue where players were unable to complete this quest if The Giant Cauldron has been completed first.

  • Talador

    • At Your Command: Horde characters who have faction changed to Alliance should now be able to complete the quest "At Your Command" if they have completed the Alliance version previously.

  • Auchindoun

    • Grom'tash the Destructor and Gul'kosh should no longer force all party members into combat, including ones that aren't actively in combat with them.

  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

    • Ner'zhul: Resolved an issue where players may be unable to use the portal to re-enter the encounter area.

  • Icecrown Citadel

    • The Lich King: Resolved an issue where Val'kyr Shadowguards can prevent players from being able to complete the encounter if they pick the player up after Fury of Frostmourne has been cast.

  • Ashran

    • There's now a 30 minute delay between battles after Grand Marshal Tremblade or High Warlord Volrath has been defeated.

    • Stormshield Gladiators and Warspear Gladiators now respawn 3 minutes after Grand Marshal Tremblade or High Warlord Volrath has been defeated.

  • Goren Disguise no longer works in Areas or Rated Battlegrounds.

  • Scabbard of Kyanos' on use effect, the Sword Technique buff is now reduced by 40% while players have Battle Fatigue.

  • Swapblaster no longer works while in a Battleground.