Nintendo Creators Program shares ad revenue with YouTube users

Nintendo unveiled its new revenue-sharing affiliate program for YouTube users, offering up to 70 percent of ad revenue to video makers using Nintendo-copyrighted content. The House of Mario's christened it the Nintendo Creators Program, and users with both Google and Paypal accounts can take the open beta for a spin right now.

The beta is currently offering 60 percent of ad revenue for individual videos attached to the program, and 70 percent for channels. Nintendo will calculate revenue shares on a monthly basis before sending them out to video creators via Paypal. Furthermore, videos and channels have to be approved by Nintendo before the company begins doling out the cash, and the big N says that process can take up to three business days.

Nintendo first announced plans for what's become the Nintendo Creators Program back in May 2014, following its controversial move to issue Content ID Match claims the year before. The company sparked particular ire when it requested Super Smash Bros. Melee's removal from the 2013 EVO championships based on revenue claims, though it quickly backed down from that particular fight.

There's no word on when the service will launch in full, though we may hear more during Nintendo's upcoming Q3 investors briefing. That was due to take place today, but Nintendo postponed it as company CEO Saturo Iwata is currently ill with suspected influenza.

[Image: Nintendo]