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Folderol: An amazingly useful OS X utility by one of TUAW's finest

Folder customized with folderol

While we're busy closing down shop here at TUAW, I thought that I'd write one final app review. It's fitting that it's an app by Aunt TUAW herself, Erica Sadun. Folderol (US$2.99) is a surprisingly useful and fun utility that does one thing very well -- it applies custom colors and images to folders in OS X.

It's quite easy to use: in its most basic form, launching Folderol displays a small window with the words "Drop Folders Here" on it. There is a palette of colors to select from, as well as a color picker for creating your own bright/obnoxious/pastel/camo hues to color your folders. Drag a folder onto the target and drop it, and it changes to the new color. Don't like the look of your folder? There's a "cleared tint color" to select that sets the folder back to its original blue color.

Want to put a picture of your favorite person on a folder full of photos? That's easy, too. There's a box for "Custom Image" -- drag and drop an image onto that box to "load it" into Folderol, then drag the folder onto the "cleared tint" option or one of the color options. If you've selected the "cleared tint" color, the image shows up on the folder. Select one of the color options, and the image is tinted that color and applied to the folder.

As you probably know, OS X 10.9 Mavericks introduced the concept of tags, which are organizational tools for folders and files. If you've set up tags in Mavericks or Yosemite, you'll be happy to know that you can use a "tint and tag" menu option to not only change the color of your folders, but apply a tag to them at the same time.

If you have a picture that's not the same aspect ratio as the folder, there's a menu setting for "fit image to destination." It's what allowed me to make the nice-looking TUAW folder you see at the top of this post without distorting the classic logo.

For anyone who likes to customize his or her Mac, Folderol is a great addition to your bag of tricks.