Four in February challenges you to finish the fight

The shortest, yet greatest month of the year is upon us, February. If you followed along with us last year, you know what that means: Four in February is back! The month-long initiative starts tomorrow, challenging you (yes, you) to pick four games to finish in one month.

The rules:

  1. There are no rules.

  2. Seriously, there are no rules. You can pick new games, old games or even titles that you stopped playing that one time during finals week in college because your academic life depended on it (it's cool, we've all been there). The only requirement is that you pick four games.

  3. Start at the beginning of a game, or start where your old save file left off, it doesn't matter! We can't drive over to your house to force you to start a game over; we don't know where you live, after all.

By joining in the fun on Four in February's Facebook page or using the cute little hashtag #4iF on Twitter, you can update us on your progress, like that friend that uploads their daily jogging times to your news feed, except way more fun. Joystiq may be closing its doors, but we refuse to shut our consoles down. Join us in finishing the fight against our backlogs. Head past the break to see Four in February father Mike Suszek's lineup, then share yours in the comments!

Blackwell: Convergence (iPad)
I've completed the first two games in Wadjet Eye Games' excellent adventure series, so this is a good opportunity for me to continue the story with Convergence. The game is also available on Steam, but I'm opting for iPad so I can play it in bed. It's more like a bedtime story for me then.

Hotline Miami (PS Vita)
I want to use Four in February as an excuse to play my Vita more, so why not start with Hotline Miami? I've only played an hour of the game on PC and really enjoyed it, and given my love for twin stick shooters, I may plow through this game in a few days. These first two choices are strategic: According to How Long to Beat, I should be able to get through my first two games in about eight hours.

The Walking Dead, Season One (PS Vita)
I never beat the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead; I got through the game's first few episodes before stalling out on Xbox 360. I'll be starting over from the beginning on Vita, but I'm not sure this game is coming to bed with me, unlike Blackwell.

BioShock (PS3)
Here's my heavy-hitter. The anchor of the group is BioShock, a game I woefully have yet to beat and was chastised by my peers during a recent Joystiq Streams as a result. I vowed that I would use Four in February to rectify this shameful injustice, and I intend to make good on that promise.

[Images: Wadjet Eye Games, Dennaton Games, Telltale Games, Irrational Games]