The Queue: This should be somber and dignified

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) really wishes she could keep answering questions forever.

Honestly though the thing I loved best about Fraggle Rock was that it was really, really weird.

Red asked:

Q for Loremaster Anne: can you sum up the entire Warcraft story in a single paragraph?

I think I'll borrow a perfectly applicable quote from one of my favorite authors:

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

jpec07 asked:

Q4tQ: How does drinking some of the most revolting substances on Azeroth restore mana? I'm looking at you, Pungent Seal Whey.

That's because it's a poultice, ser. You're not supposed to drink it.

wrathofkublakhan asked:

Question for the Queue: How strong is the Well of Eternity? It's unique to the universe; n'est ce pas?

Actually, Rossi and I have worked up a couple of particularly brain-bending Know Your Lore columns that may or may not shed some light on that subject. Tinfoil Hat columns, mind you, so they're just speculation. But as far as we know, the Well of Eternity is unique to Azeroth, and there hasn't been another that exuded that same kind of power.

Revnah asked:

Question: I'm focusing on my main these days because of less time to play, so the only alt who's even doing the legendary quest is a little behind - currently at 38 Abrogator Stones. I'm wondering, will these drop in the Blackrock Foundry too (for those at the appropriate stage of the legendary questline) or will that alt have to run Highmaul LFR until she's got 125, and then move on to the follow-up and the BRF stones?

I really don't have an answer for you on that one, unfortunately. I'm under the impression that since the stones in question are those carried by ogres, you wouldn't really see them in Blackrock Foundry at all. But I could be wrong. My max level character already has the ring quest completed, so there's no real way I can copy it to the PTR and check that out.

erebhir asked:

I didn't really believe The End was near until Anne, of all the hoarders who ever hoarded, said that there's finally enough storage space.

Hey. Hey now. I didn't say there was enough storage space -- I said we have more than enough ways to access that storage space. That does not mean I'm going to turn down another bank tab. Or transmog tab. Or ... you know, bigger bags in general!

VanessaWinn asked:

Will the site disappear or will there be an archive? I'm just wondering if I should make an Evernote notebook with all your lore posts and any others I really love for future reading.

We honestly don't know. Joystiq is apparently being archived at Engadget, and should theoretically stay put there, but we don't know if that includes this site or not. If you really want to keep those articles for reference purposes, it might not be a bad idea.

Bruin asked:

Any chances for a Caverns of Time Instance? I gather this whole expansion is a meta-cavern of time, really. I think i just answered my own question!

You did, kind of! We're not really focused on Azeroth right now, so there's no real reason to add anything to Azeroth right now -- the story is all about Draenor. After Warlords ... well, who knows? If they find a compelling reason to add another instance to the Caverns, I'm sure they'll do it. I hope they do. I like that place.

sergel92 asked:

Silly question, but I'm confused how the raid tiers are working in this xpac. I recall Blizz saying they plan on having 2 rather than 3. Blackrock is coming in 6.1, so is that still part of the first tier?

It isn't coming in 6.1, it's going to be released before that (unless the testing on the PTR is going along very smoothly here!). It's part of the first raid tier. You know how Mists of Pandaria began with Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring? Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry are basically the same thing, except we're getting them far more spread out this time around, instead of everything crammed in at the beginning of the expansion.

lavindar asked:

QftQ: In WoD we got to know the Rangari, Draenei who took the stance of adapting to Draenor rather than adapt Draenor for themselves. Do you think that is there a possibility of other Draeneis having done this in the other worlds they visited before they come to Draenor?

I get the general impression, watching the Exarch for the Rangari and the others bicker back and forth, that they have been having that particular argument about adapting to the world, instead of forcing the world to adapt to them, for a very, very long time.

robertjamesftw askwed:

Question posed to Rossi for his Queue, so reprising it for you: If you could travel to any point in the timeline of Azeroth to change *1 event*, what would it be, and how do you change?

I'd go back and remove Med'an. Just ... take him out of the picture altogether. He served very little purpose in the grand scheme of things, and I don't think the introduction of his character did anything other than weaken both the story of Medivh, and the story of Garona.

Lib asked:

Question about the PTR (since I can't post on the forums!): I recently coped a 93 DK with a lvl 2 mine to the PTR. She gets 2-3 mining carts a day but not a single node of ore, so no Draenic stones. And no ore. Is this a bug? Do 93's not get ore? My lvl 100s have ore.

That is pretty likely just a bug -- these kinds of things pop up on the PTR fairly regularly. It's definitely not any kind of intentional change.

Portalhopper asked:

Ok, I have one last Q4tQ: Back when I started reading WoW Insider there was a regular story strip about a dwarf that had adopted a Draenei and Blood Elf, he went off somewhere and the last I remember he was fighting an Orc, then it never returned. Does anyone know what this was called? It's been driving me crazy since I told my mate about it the other day.

That was Safe Passage, by Kelly Aarons of WoW, Eh? fame! Let's see if I can find those old galleries for you.

Unfortunately, Safe Passage: Convergence was never completed. But It's all still well worth the read, and be sure to check out WoW, Eh? when you're done!

I kind of hate goodbyes, and I still have a column left to write here -- but this is the last Queue you're going to get out of me, unless someone asks me to fill in in the next 48 hours or so. Thank you, all of you, for the questions and the curiosity and the silliness and fun. Today is Alex Ziebart's birthday, so don't forget to leave him lots of birthday wishes -- and lots of questions for tomorrow, while you're at it!

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