Android Lollipop is slowly (very slowly) hitting more devices

Lollipop didn't exactly take the Android world by storm when it first launched. Early adoption was slow enough that it made no real impact in usage share stats for the first couple of months. People are starting to take to Google's latest dessert-flavored OS, however -- it's finally on the official radar. Google's data now shows that about 1.6 percent of active Android users were using Lollipop as of the start of February. That's certainly not a lot, but it's clear that all those Nexuses and early Lollipop upgrades (most notably from HTC, LG and Motorola) count for something.

Not that Lollipop is doing much to hurt its predecessor, KitKat. If anything, the older software is gathering steam. KitKat climbed to 39.7 percent, no doubt helped by a market where a good chunk of phones still ship with with the 2013-era OS. As you might guess, the declines are largely limited to Jelly Bean and earlier versions that you'd expect to be on their way out. The real question is whether or not Lollipop will gather momentum quickly. That should happen when new flagship phones are just around the corner, but it could be a while before you really know how well it's doing.

Android usage share, February 2015