The Daily Grind: Does aggravation make you fight better in MMOs?

I've got to admit, after this week (and you knowwhat kind of week it was) I was actually looking forward to a fight when I logged into H1Z1 for some post-apocalyptic adventure. I was anticipating duking it out with some ferocious zombies, not to mention more than willing to engage in some PvP. And if you know me, you know I am not usually thirsty for player blood. Of course I wasn't about to initiate a fight, but with my elevated aggravation levels I was hoping someone would start something so I could just lay into him with all my hatchet-wielding might.

Interestingly, I noticed that because my mindset switched from always-defensive mode to a little more offensive, my awareness, my reflexes, skills, and (dare I say) enjoyment of a battle was more pronounced. So tell me, Massively readers, do you fight better -- be it mobs or people -- when you are just a little bit miffed?

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