This is Massively, and farewell to it

With thanks to a shining 'Starr' in the genre.

Well, folks. This is it.

On November 2nd, 2007, began. "This is Massively," Mike Schramm wrote, "and welcome to it." Today, on February 3rd, 2015, ends. For the last seven years, three months, and two days, we've sought to be not a mirror but a lens through which to view the vibrant MMO industry. We conveyed news, opinions, streams, videos, comments, jokes, snark, and yes, even mourning for the far too many MMO sunsets we've all endured. Now the sun sets on us too.

This last week has seemed surreal. Consumed as we are by page views and comment counts, we sometimes forget that our audience is flush with remarkable gamers who care deeply about the MMORPG genre and the people in it -- even us. How strange that only in saying goodbye have we fully bridged that gulf between writers and readers. It's felt like meeting PvP rivals at a con for a beer and realizing that fun and earnest people stand behind those avatars. In person, you're all pretty damn cool.

Before we go, we want to thank all the bloggers across the MMOverse who eulogized Massively-that-was and restored our cheer in our network's darkest hour of grief. Here's a smattering of sites that spilled ink and tears for us:

Our comment sections and social media accounts have overflowed with sympathy and support as well. Readers like BalsBigBrother1 and Greywolfe and Xephyr and Dion posted videos and screenshots in tribute (just look at all the /salutes in this GW2 comment thread!). And of course, there's the heartbreaking memorial to Massively by Starr Long in Shroud of the Avatar shown above and the fierce tribute to Massively by Camelot Unchained's Mark Jacobs that rolled out this morning. Thank you, all of you. is done, and we've said our goodbyes, but we have more to write; it just won't be here. It'll be somewhere else... somewhere a little more overpowered. In a week or two, friends and readers, we'll need your help, and we'll want your company. We want to keep writing and podcasting for you. We hope you'll join us.

The Massively Golden Yacht. Eliot, don't forget the mojitos.

It was my honor to have been the steward of the Massively legacy and the last captain of the legendary golden yacht. This is Massively, and farewell to it.

with Jef, Justin, Eliot, MJ, Mike, Anatoli, Brendan, and Larry