Sky confirms a 'next-generation' Now TV box is coming this year

With the rise in cord-cutters and streaming services such as Netflix, Sky knows it needs a cheaper alternative to its traditional TV bundles. At the moment its answer is Now TV, a standalone service that lets viewers pick and choose from three smaller packages: sport, movies and entertainment. Just over 18 months ago, Sky supplemented it with a dedicated set-top box -- and now it's planning a refresh. In an investor presentation, the broadcaster today revealed plans for a "next-generation" Now TV box coming later this year, which will feature a refreshed UI and a new marketing campaign. Notably, Sky has been an investor in set-top box maker Roku since 2012, and last December it launched a rebranded model called the Sky Online TV Box in Germany. It's quite possible that Sky is planning a similar move for the UK, which means we could see a much-needed leap to full HD.