Recommended Reading: The life of a professional dumpster diver

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Staples Agrees To Buy Office Depot For About $6.3 Billion

Dumpster diving sounds pretty gross, right? Well, what if I told you there are thousands of dollars to be made rummaging through trash? That's exactly what Matt Malone is doing, and if he did it full-time, he claims he could rake in around $250,000 from his exploits.

Requiem for a Speed Racer: In Praise of 'Bad' Wachowski Movies
Alex Pappademas, Grantland

As the Wachowskis' latest film Jupiter Ascending hits theaters, Grantland takes a look back at the redeeming qualities from the Matrix directors' movies most of us thought were pretty terrible.

Meet The Man Who Finds Your Stolen Passwords
by Christopher Solomon, Popular Mechanics

What happens when your passwords and other sensitive info are stolen on the web? Well, there's a good chance Alex Holden can find out, and Popular Mechanics chronicles how he hunts security flaws and tracks hackers.

Videogames are Creating Lighting that Moves Through the World
Kevin Ohannessian, Kill Screen

Video games are constantly becoming more realistic, and now titles are beginning to treat light the way it works here in the physical world.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Makes a Big Impression in Just a Year
by Tom Warren, The Verge

We're a year into Satya Nadella's tenure as Microsoft CEO, so now's a good time to examine what he's done in the past 12 months.

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