LG builds its own mobile VR headset for the G3

Korea's two largest companies are Samsung and LG, and while Samsung has been making a big splash in the VR world, LG has remained conspicuously silent. That's because the company has been working with Google to build a headset for the LG G3 that'll do a similar job to the Gear VR. The charmingly-named VR for G3 is a plastic headset that'll let you slide the phone into the hardware, with special holes cut for the smartphone's rear volume keys.

Rather than building its own virtual reality platform, however, LG has cribbed the design from Google's paper-craft VR headset, Google Cardboard. Like the original, the plastic hardware comes with a neodymium ring magnet on the side that'll pair with the G3's internal gyroscope, enabling you to control your phone without having to touch the display. Of course, by leveraging Google's VR platform, LG can piggyback off the search engine's software background rather than starting yet another rival in the nascent space.

Unfortunately there's no word on how much it'll cost or where you'll be able to snag one. For now, the company is saying that it'll launch in "selected markets" and that a headset will be thrown in for free when you purchase a G3. Naturally, we've pinged the company to find out more, and will let you know what we learn.