Sling TV opens its doors to all cord-cutters

If Sling TV piqued your interest after bagging our Best of CES award, you no doubt paid close attention to our recent preview, too. Well, now you can dive right in yourself without jonesing for an invite. Sign-ups for the $20-a-month internet TV service are now open to everyone. If you're still a little shy, then Dish is hoping that a 7 day free trial might help lubricate your decision-making process -- even then, don't forget you can cancel any time. Of course, while we reported that the service seemed fluid and robust during our trial, we're about to find out if that stays true once the service is used en masse. Have at it.

Update: We've just learned that not only is Sling TV now open to all, but AMC's portfolio of channels (AMC, BBC America etc.) have been added to the core $20 a month package. Also, the sports top-up pack we heard about at CES is now confirmed. An extra $5 a month will get you a the "Sports Extra" pack that include SEC Network, ESPNEWS, ESPNU and Universal Sports among others. We're also told that Maker Studios' Polaris+ channel is coming soon.