Nest adds Protect smoke alarm data to monthly user report

Nest sends detailed Energy Reports to its loyal users every month, digitally patting them on the back for saving power (and money!). Now that the company sells other products besides thermostats, it's also expanding its "Home Report" (yes, the name was changed, as well) to include more data from Nest Protect and some fire safety tips. The updated format not only tells customers every detail about their energy usage for the past 10 days, it also gives them a recap of the past month, perhaps for the sake of Nest's most meticulous customers. Also, users who have both the company's thermostat and smoke alarm will see a section that shows their Protect's battery, connectivity and sensor status. We have a sample fire and carbon monoxide tip posted after the break, but if you want to see what a full Home Report looks like, the Google-owned company has posted one on its website.