Dozens of Blizzard's biggest game characters are getting figurines

You're typically lucky if you get even a few figurines based on your favorite games. That's certainly true with Blizzard -- despite its deep game universes, you seldom get more than a handful of characters. Thankfully, that relative drought is about to end soon. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) is launching a collectible line based around Blizzard's multi-franchise online battle arena, Heroes of the Storm, and it's planning figurines for all 34 playable characters. If you want to have a Diablo III demon hunter or StarCraft II's Tychus on your desk, you can.

Get ready to wait if you're choosy about the heroes and villains you take home, though. NECA is releasing basic figurines in pairs, starting with StarCraft's Nova and Warcraft's Illidan Stormrage (shown here). You'll have to pay extra for deluxe models like Warcraft's Stitches, and the only other collectibles lined up so far are Arthas (Warcraft) and Tyrael (Diablo). But hey, it's a start... and if you're really determined, you'll eventually have your own pantheon of gaming miniatures.