Dell's XPS 13 is easy to fix despite its size

Give Dell's XPS 13 a cursory glance and you might think that it would be a nightmare to fix. You'd surely have to get a specialist to look at something so densely packed, wouldn't you? Not so fast. The repair-it-yourself advocates at iFixit have torn down the new XPS, and it turns out that this compact Ultrabook is surprisingly easy to maintain if you're willing to put in a little elbow grease. About the only showstopper (as on many super-thin laptops) is the soldered-on RAM -- virtually every other part is easy to replace, and Dell helps you out by posting service manuals and labeling connectors. Even the signature near-borderless display isn't as hard to take apart as you'd imagine. Whether or not you like the XPS 13 when it's fully assembled, this teardown shows that ultraportables can still be DIY-friendly.