Yes, IKEA made a keyboard with emoticons for your phone

We're pretty sure that if you were looking for emojis to use on your phone, you wouldn't think "Hmmm, wonder if IKEA has some?" Regardless, IKEA went and released a smartphone keyboard for iOS and Android that comes with a bunch of custom emoticons anyway. And yes, we're talking about that IKEA, which sells fiddly flat-pack furniture. As you'd expect, most icons are related to the home, meaning there are pets, food and, of course, drawers, couches, beds and other furniture to choose from.

IKEA claims its keyboard is about improving relationships. The Swedish firm observes that men and women "have always found difficulty in communication." Emoticons (as the app is called) is a tool designed to "ensure universal love and understanding in your home." The bad news is that the keyboard isn't very intuitive. Your chosen emoticon doesn't automatically show up when you tap it -- you'd still need to paste it into the text box. Plus, it'll show up as a big image unlike the phone emojis we're all used to. Still, you can test it yourself by downloading from iTunes or Google Play -- and don't forget to watch its (rather amusing) ad below if you liked the company's iPhone parody in 2014.