Vote for the best GIFs on the net in 'The 2015 .GIFYs'

Fans of GIFs and judging things, it's your time to shine. Public voting is open for The 2015 .GIFYs, the first and only award dedicated to the majestic moving GIF. Vote for your favorite GIFs across 11 categories, including "film and TV," "music," "weird," "sports," "animals" and "cats." Yes, cats get their own category because they're not animals but the fluffy embodiment of our deepest desires (to sleep all day and be waited on hand and foot).

GIFs in each category were submitted by the wide and wild internet on, then curated by a panel of professional GIF lovers (including yours truly). I can't tell you what I voted for, but rest assured they were the best.

"In the thick of award show season, The .GIFYS are the one award show that the entire internet gets to vote on," The .GIFYs co-founder Chelsea O'Brien says in a press release. "Our expert panelists help nominate the best GIFS, but we believe the ultimate decision should lie in the hands of those who create GIFS: everyone."

Whether you want to make the internet a better place for everyone or you're just in it to judge something, cast your votes before February 24.