Sling TV getting more on-demand content thanks to Epix (update)

Dish's Sling TV is great for cord-cutters, but sometimes TNT and TBS won't cut it. The service is about to fill the gaps by tying up with Epix, a premium content channel co-owned by Viacom, Paramount and other studios. It'll carry all four of Epix's channels for scheduled viewing along with its streaming service, letting cable-haters watch recent cinema, classics and Epix original programming. Dish hasn't revealed the Epix price yet, but the basic Sling TV service runs $20 and sports, news and kids add-in packs are $5 a pop. Epix is also a $5 add-on from providers like Time Warner Cable.

Update: This post originally reported that Sling TV didn't yet have on-demand content. The streaming service already offers movie rentals and the ability to start currently airing programs once they've started. The Epix partnership expands the existing catalog, and the text has been edited to correct the error.