The Xbox One is finally getting ready to take screenshots

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft's Phil Spencer teased a screenshot feature coming to the Xbox One and tonight the company announced it's rolling out to beta testers. Part of the planned March system update, the often-requested feature (that the PS4 has had since launch) will let gamers take a freeze-frame of the action in one of two ways: say "Xbox take a screenshot" (if they have a Kinect hooked up) or double tap the Xbox button on their controller, then press Y to take a picture. A quick demo video shows how it works, but really, it's not that complicated. One thing to note, is that it takes the screenshot as soon as you give the command or double tap the Xbox button, to make sure it captures what the user wants, instead of a game menu or something.

While it's one of the features many have been asking for -- currently at 5,909 votes on the official request site -- it's not the only new bit. Screenshots can serve as backgrounds, and the Upload app is getting another update to handle them, while the suggested friends section that just came to the website will be on the console, too. Australian owners can also start using the Digital TV Tuner, while gamers everywhere can report spam messages (want some free FIFA coins?), adjust the transparency of tiles on the homescreen or tweak who their real name is shared with.