Porsche offers to put modern tech in the dash of your classic 911

Older sports cars are great for hitting the open road, but let's face it, they lack the bells and whistles of modern automobiles. Porsche is looking to help, though, with a new version of its Radio Navigation System for those older vehicles. On top of turn-by-turn directions, the Bluetooth unit sorts hands-free calls with ports for playing tunes from an SD card, iPod, USB stick or via an auxiliary cable. So if you have a Porsche 911 up to type 993, or a 4- or 8-cylinder that dates back to 1965, you're in luck. Best of all, this new unit sports the overall look of those classic interiors, rather than a modern faceplate from the likes of Pioneer or Alpine. The automaker has offered to outfit older cars with navigation systems before, but this more robust upgrade costs €1,184 (around $1,342). Unfortunately, US pricing and availability hasn't been announced just yet.